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About Our Crystals
As for our crystals, we do not use acid on them but rather a material called Iron Out. It does not affect the crystals in the same way as the whitening acid, for those who prefer the natural look and vibration. Some of these crystals were dug 20 to 30 years ago and many of the locations no longer exist. If the crystals are not from Arkansas we will say so, as some will be from Brazil. Again, many are unable to be replaced now

About Our Jewelry
For the higher priced jewelry, we strive to use natural stones wherever possible. If unsure of a stone's authenticity, we will state "as sold to us as this particular stone." While many stones are color enhanced or dyed, where possible we will tell you that also.

About Our Gemstones

As for our gemstones, all are represented to us as natural, although there is a possibility that some may have been heat treated. If by chance you get a synthetic gemstone, we apologize, for we want only quality and naturalness. However sometimes a synthetic looks so much like a real one that they are hard to tell apart. We will do our best to only represent what we know.

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